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Letter from the director

I would like to take this time to thank all our directors, the crew at ASI, Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association and all our other sponsors. We need to give a special thanks to Brenda and Kathy for piecing together a fantastic 2019 event. Of course, we thank Brenda for her years of commitment to this competition. 2020 we went to Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kevin and Rebecca did a fabulous job and the contestants were amazing. I know our two Texas contestants walked away with a new perspective on design as well as a handful of new friends. Rebecca took 4th in Seniors. We couldn't be more proud.


The 2020 application is online. Please note that participants who take first place in the Junior and Senior divisions will be attending the National MIWW contest in Denver, CO. I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable and awesome this experience has been. Contestants attend courses in tailoring techniques. Everyone helps everyone. It's an awesome experience every young designer should have under his or her belt.

Three things to keep in mind as you design: 

• what embellishments can you add that will enhance your piece?
• what sewing techniques can you use to improve your hemlines and seams?
• are you designing a ready-to-wear piece that could fit in your wardrobe and lifestyle?

Most important, this contest should be as much fun as it is rewarding. 

Cheers to our contestants 🎉

See you at Kid 'n' Ewe & Lamas Too this Fall! 

Jennifer Kulick
Director, TMIWW


Winners Circle





Junior, 1st Place





Senior, 1st Place





Adult, 1st Place

Texas Make It With Wool Experience


Fiber Arts Design

Texas Make it with Wool is a state competition. Sewing Contestants have the chance to compete on a National level.


Promoting Natural Fibers

When we choose wool or mohair, we choose the many farmers and ranchers out there who bring us these fabulous fibers. Wool has slowly been bumped up again to star status for it's built in cooling system and durability. Mohair is seeing a renaissance in fashion as the luxury fiber. What better reason to design in wool and mohair!


Sewing & Fiber Arts

There are two types of competition: wearable and non-wearable. It's that simple. You can sew, knit, crochet or weave garments. Fiber arts include rug hooking, weaving, felting and more.